Sep 2, 2020|

JD and Partners: Splendid Mooncakes are Coming


by Ella Kidron

Mooncakes started as a treat traditionally eaten during the mid-autumn festival, but have since in their own right become a phenomenon. They can be found in sweet and savory varieties, and boxed in all different types of ornate packaging. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find mooncakes in Chinatowns in cities such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and London, all year round. In China, both retailers and brands go through immense lengths to prepare for the frenzy of mooncake buying ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival (August 15th on the lunar calendar), JD included.

In advance of the holiday, which coincides with National Day in China (October 1st ) this year, JD Super, JD’s online supermarket brand, hosted a press conference and unveiled its upgraded strategy for mooncake sales on August 31st. The company also took the opportunity to share its big data-based findings on mooncake consumption.

During the press conference, Liu Hui, Chief Data Officer of the JD Big Data Research Institute introduced key findings from the “Mooncake Consumption 2020 Report”. Among the findings of the report, core consumers of mooncakes appear to be highly-educated and high spending customers, yet there is a gradual increased consumption from younger consumers and those from lower tier cities, where growth rates of mooncake consumption by Generation Z, youth from small towns and middle aged consumers from small towns are as high as 56%, 56% and 41% respectively.

JD’s Chief Data Officer Liu Hui shares insights on mooncake trends from recent report

Xiaojun Wang, general manager of Packaged Foods, JD FMCG Omnichannel, said, “In the past, with the help of our partners and consumers, we had the best growth rate in mooncake sales in the industry.” He added that in the future, JD plans to focus on improving results from eight dimensions: brand upgrade, strategy upgrade, resource upgrade, consumption upgrade, data sharing, data co-creation, brand co-creation and mutual benefit. “We will make full use of JD’s core platform advantages to promotion brand growth and provide consumers with higher quality products and more personal services.”

JD and brand partners launch alliance for mooncake sales

As shared during the event, 2020 has brought new challenges to mooncake brands and increased requirements concerning product quality, marketing ability, service level and more. JD Super has formed an alliance with famous Beijing snack brand, Daoxiangcun (稻香村), Guangzhou Restaurant (广州酒家), traditional Peking duck chain Quanjude (全聚德) and other brands. Under the alliance, members will have access to five major types of resources provided by JD, such as customization through the C2M (Consumer-to-Manufacturer) initiative.

C2M is a key initiative to boost performance of mooncake products this year. As such, JD has launched hundreds of customized gift boxes with mooncake brands, providing a wide range of choices in terms of packaging, flavor, gifting needs vs. personal consumption, and more, to fully meet diversified consumer demand.