Sep 2, 2020|

JD Launches Services to Make Buying Large Home Furniture Easier


by Rachel Liu

JD launched services for customers who buy large home furniture such as beds, sofas, cabinets, doors and more last week, to make their shopping experience easier. The services include 11 items such as AR shopping, free measuring and installment, home delivery, and 30-day return policy. The “JD Furniture Service Platform” was also launched to make the whole shopping experience more transparent.

In online shopping, the home furnishing category usually has higher-than-average complaint rates. This is mainly because customers are not satisfied with the logistics and installment services. Traditionally, the furniture is delivered from the factory to the local warehouses by one logistics company, and from the local warehouses to customers by another. The products need to be moved on and off the truck five-to-seven times during one delivery cycle, making it more likely for them to be damaged upon arrival. Customers are not able to see the delivery process either. The service quality of the local installment teams is sometimes unsatisfactory, which can impact customers’ feedback.

The JD Furniture Service Platform can effectively solve these issues as it gathers all of the information from merchants, logistics companies and installment companies in one place. With the platform, customers are able to see the whole logistics process. Now the platform has over 30,000 merchants, over 300 third-party carriers, 170 logistics companies and 40 installment companies. Customers can also rate the service providers on the platform, and merchants can choose service providers with higher ratings to work with to improve customer satisfaction.

The JD home furnishing team also works with JD Logistics to explore one-stop service for customers. JD Logistics will support the entire logistics process, and products only need to go from the factory to the warehouse, delivery station, and then the customer, so they are less likely to be damaged. JD Logistics also provides high quality installment services. The service is already available to support deliveries from Foshan, a city famous for its furniture industry in Guangdong province, to other cities in China. A customer in Beijing is now able to order and receive furniture and have it installed in just four days.

Chao He, general manager of JD Lifestyle said:” We always focus on providing more efficient and higher quality home furnishing service for customers. The upgrading of furniture-related services and the launch of JD Furniture Service Platform will provide a transparent and convenient experience for customers.”