Apr 9, 2021|

JD App to Provide Senior-friendly Services


by Ling Cao

JD plans to provide comprehensive senior-friendly services on its app, targeting to begin in May, according to a domestic media Ceweekly on Apr. 7. The services will include optimized design and operation appealing to senior customers, covering nearly the entire shopping process, from login, homepage, search, product description page to payment.

Seniors may face challenges when purchasing online, such as small font size, unfamiliar shopping processes, or navigating after-sale services. By searching “长辈版” (Zhangbeiban, which means seniors’ version)on JD’s app, all of these problems can be solved immediately.

In the seniors’ version, JD has made the font size larger. The version also includes access to a special customer service team for seniors, who are available to help with after-sales queries and other issues. More importantly, the service will emphasize the relationship with senior customers’ family members, enabling them to ask for help from their children within the app by just clicking a button. For example, their children can pay for their orders remotely. In the future, JD will also consider enhancing the audio function to add local language variants like Sichuan and Chongqing dialects, for example.

Zhiqiang Wang, head of the seniors’ version of the JD app program said, “JD will continue to adjust our shopping process specifically for seniors, providing a safer and easier experience for them, covering purchasing, medical service, as well as travel. We also hope to work as a bridge between them and their children, and promote them to enjoy a healthy, high-quality and happy lifestyle, by addressing the ‘digital gap.’”