Jul 22, 2022|

JD Applies AR Technology in Beijing Metro’s O&M


by Vivian Yang

JD Industrial Technology recently joined hands with Beijing MTR Corporation (BJMTR) to explore the use of intelligent technology in the metro’s operation and maintenance (O&M) for better personnel and cost management, further enhancing the rail transportation’s safety level, which already stands at over 99.99 percent.

During the JD Discovery Global Conference in Beijing on July 13, Xinming Shao, general manager of BJMTR, noted that digitally intelligent technology has enormous potential to be applied to a variety of metro use cases, especially in the O&M area to maximize safety performance,

Due to the complexity of the equipment, procedures, and circumstances along the rails, O&M personnel on the ground frequently find themselves unable to finish a problem investigation or make repairs by themselves. Now thanks to the assistance of AR glasses implanted with JD’s intelligent solutions that can activate image recognition and algorithms to rank potential root causes and give operation guidance, workers are in good hands to handle the troubleshooting. For more challenging situations, the AR glasses can even connect them with experts for video conferences to solve problems in a much easier way.

While this is going on, information from the inspection work collected from the AR glasses will be used in monitoring and analyzing the status of equipment, providing support for making more precise O&M and spare parts inventory plans.

Fengwei Ji, general manager of IoT products department of JD Industry, stressed that because of the highly complex nature of industrial production, it is essential for JD Industry to enter into real industrial scenarios and push the fusion of technologies and industries, so as to truly create value for businesses and beyond.