Sep 4, 2023|

JD Industrials Introduces the “Full Chain” Solution: Driving Digitally Intelligent Transformation Across Industries


by Vivian Yang

JD Industrials, a subsidiary of and a leading provider of industrial supply chain technology and services, unveiled its innovative end-to-end supply chain solution, the “Full Chain,” during the company’s partners summit in Shanghai on August 31st.

The “Full Chain” solution offers an integrated framework that amalgamates various services and capabilities from all participants throughout the industrial chain, including product planning consultancy, procurement, management, operations, and after-sales services. Its primary objective is to facilitate a substantial reduction in operational costs and improve efficiency across various industry sectors.

Chunzheng Song, CEO of JD Industrials and Vice President of, underscored the company’s strategic vision by stating,  “Our ambition extends beyond creating a mere solution; we aim to establish a comprehensive digital infrastructure. This platform is designed to expedite the transit of production materials and foster a digital transformation for businesses.” By opening access to this sophisticated infrastructure, JD Industrials envisions a surge in data flow while reducing the movement of physical products, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient supply chain.

As a testament to its commitment to collaboration, JD Industrials forged partnerships with representatives from the supply-side, demand-side, and logistics providers within the manufacturing sector. These partnerships will focus on embracing digitally intelligent solutions throughout the supply chain, with the goal of reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

Specifically, the supply-side will share inventory information and offer products at competitive prices, while the demand side will accelerate their digital transformation and explore more cooperation opportunities. Logistic service providers will expand their delivery networks and improve service quality, while technology and service providers will enhance data connectivity. With the “Full Chain” solution as the foundation, JD Industrials will serve as the connector, facilitating data exchange and optimizing resource allocation.

A noteworthy endorsement of its efficacy, Nippon Paint China, a preeminent paint manufacturer in Asia, has integrated the “Full Chain” solution into its operations. Subsequent reports from their procurement department indicate a marked decrease in inventory expenditures across their 63 national factories, coupled with significant improvements in operational efficiency.

Song concluded the announcement by articulating his aspiration for expanded collaboration: “This initiative marks a seminal moment in our journey. We are earnestly seeking collaborations with industry leaders to formulate best practices in digital supply chain management, thereby fostering the continued advancement of the manufacturing sector.”