Feb 9, 2023|

JD.com Welcomes Top Pump Brand Grundfos on its Site


by Vivian Yang

JD Industrial Supply launched the flagship store of the world-leading water pump Grundfos, a popular Danish brand, on January 30.

The first-party JD store offers 23 Grundfos products that can be applied to eight scenarios ranging from commercial building construction, industrial processes, urban water supply, industrial water treatment and more.

Wei Wang, general manager of the procurement department of JD Industrial Supply, said that the cooperation with Grundfos is an important step for the platform to provide more comprehensive industrial products and professional services for enterprise clients of all industries.

JD and Grundfos will work closely throughout the procurement process to provide efficient services from pre-sales technical consultations and after-sales installation to intelligent product type matching and other value-added services.

According to a spokesperson of Grundfos, it is critical to provide customized services in the pump purchase process, given the various operating circumstances in which the pump systems would be installed, especially under high or low temperatures, air pressure, and other extreme conditions. Grundfos will have its technical engineers collaborate directly with experts from JD Industrial Supplies to ensure smooth procurement and fulfillment, such as conducting on-site inspections, and providing design solutions, installation guidance, and other support.

Meanwhile, Grundfos’ product information will be connected with JD’s product standardization database. Known as “Mercator”, the database aims to create a set of unified parameter definitions for highly complex industrial supplies and a digitally intelligent solution, so that enterprise procurers only need to key in certain factors. For example, in Grundfos’ case, those factors might include liquid temperature, flow speed, delivery head, interface forms, etc. The database can quickly respond with precise product recommendations, greatly saving procurers’ time and energy in product selection.