Dec 2, 2020|

JD Auto Redefines Automotive Supply Chain at Automechanika Shanghai 2020


by Vivian Yang

JD Auto showcased its comprehensive portfolio of automotive “products + services” spanning the multiple links of the industrial chain at Automechanika Shanghai 2020 which is held in Shanghai from December 2nd to 5th.

JD Auto on Automechanika Shanghai 2020

Exhibited in the show are a number of products under JD’s self-developed brand Jauto (京安途 literally means JD’s safe trip), including engine oil, batteries, tires and more. On the service end, JD Auto Service, which offers online-to-offline car maintenance services, demonstrated the standardized and professional experiences it offers to car owners, especially in how their experience in brick-and-mortar car maintenance stores can be transformed by JD’s digitalized and intelligent capacities to create fresh new consumption experiences.

JD Auto has expanded its business into many fields of the automotive ecosystem, including sales of cars and motorcycles, parts and accessories, offline maintenance services, supply chain of automotive parts and more.

To date, JD Auto has served over 100 million car owners in China with its products and services. At the same time, its B2B platform, known as JD Cloud Match Alliance, a network to optimize the supply chain of spare auto parts by helping match needs between manufacturers, brands and dealers, collaborated with over 300 auto parts suppliers during this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion to rapidly provide products to more than 20,000 maintenance stores across the country.

“Comprehensive, open, digitalized and intelligent will be the key features of the future supply chain of the automotive industry,“ said Yan Qing, general manager of JD Auto.

Yan Qing, general manager of JD Auto

A good example of a digitalized and intelligent supply chain is JD Auto’s mute tire series which is in the plan to be manufactured next year based on the C2M (Consumer to Manufacture) model by which production is tailored to meet the demand extracted from the real car users’ big data.

“Our own brand Jauto is creating a B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Customer) model that is able to directly connect manufacturers, dealers, maintenance stores and customers, so as to form a closed industry loop and provide omnichannel solutions to our customers,” said Qing.

“Over 3,900 exhibitors from the whole industrial chain will participate in this year’s show,” said Qing, “JD will explore new cooperation opportunities during the fair, leveraging our platform value and gaining more brand resources to keep the flywheel effect in our development in the automobile aftermarket.”