Dec 2, 2020|

JD’s Data Shows Different Warming Consumptions Between Northern and Southern China


by Hui Zhang

JD’s data continues to demonstrate the vitality of the post-COVID economy in China, revealing how consumers from the northern and southern parts of China are keen on different household products to keep warm as the weather is getting colder.

According to JD’s data in November, consumers from northern China bought more heat warmers while those from southern China spent more on innovative heating products, such as electronic towel  racks, which may serve as towel dryer, heater and dehumidifier.

Since consumers in northern China started getting heat from the  public utility system in early November, radiators and wall-mounted furnaces have become best-sellers for local people who want to supplement the in-house heating. Sales of radiators and wall-mounted furnaces on JD increased by over 100% YOY on Nov. 1 alone. Sales of the two categories increased by 77% YOY from Nov. 1 to Nov. 26, with the majority of radiator consumers being women, accounting for 56.29% of the total number. Shandong province, Hebei province and Beijing are among the top three regions in terms of purchase volume.

Compared with the northern part of China, which is dry and warm (indoors) thanks to the public utility system, the southern part is relatively wet and cold, which is difficult for the drying of household necessities and clothes. Traditionally, as a national policy created in early 1950s, public utility system in cities and townships in southern part of China doesn’t provide heating services during the winter, due to the relatively higher temperature comparing with the northern part of China, in order to save energies.

As a result, innovative warming household products, such as electronic towel warming racks, are favored by local people in southern part of China. According to JD’s data in November, electronic towel racks are widely welcomed by consumers in the southern part of China, with married men aged 26-35 particularly keen on buying electric towel racks. Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guangzhou and Shanghai are among the top four regions, accounting for more than 50% of the sales of electronic towel racks.

“This year is expected to be one of the particularly cold years, and a new round of cool air is coming,” said a merchandising manager from JD. “JD has leveraged its big data capability to precisely recommend household warming products to potential consumers.”