Dec 30, 2023|

JD Auto’s New Year Extravaganza: Tesla Model 3 Vehicles Up For Grabs in Exclusive Lottery


JD Auto, the omni-channel automotive division of, in partnership with Tesla, made an announcement on December 26th, unveiling an exclusive New Year’s Eve lottery during the December 31st broadcast of the Hunan TV New Year’s Gala. The event’s highlight is a giveaway where seven lucky winners will receive up to 10 years of usage rights for a Tesla Model 3 Refresh Edition, along with a separate giveaway of an additional 10 Cybertrucks for Kids.

This highly-anticipated New Year’s Eve show, exclusively sponsored by, has garnered significant popularity among China’s youth. Participation is simple and convenient: viewers need to open the JD App at 8:00 PM on December 31st. In addition to the Tesla prizes, JD will be generously giving away ten million physical gifts and 1 billion RMB in virtual red envelopes.

A testament to the strong history of collaboration between JD Auto and Tesla is the successful launch of Tesla’s flagship store on on February 14th. The store features a diverse array of products, including charging equipment, accessories, and fashion apparel, covering over 200 types of products across 22 categories. The store’s launch generated immense interest, with the keyword “Tesla” receiving nearly five million searches on and attracting nearly 700,000 followers within the first 48 hours.

The partnership extends beyond merchandise. JD Auto and Tesla are also working together in online and offline services, cultural and peripheral product promotions, and extensive cooperation in logistics and installation services for automotive products such as charging stations.

In addition to the lottery, JD Auto is offering extra year-end rewards for car owners during the New Year period. These include complimentary services and products like oil maintenance, tires, in-car storage boxes, electric bicycles, car washes, wipers, JD Auto Max memberships, and substantial discounts on new car purchases.

JD has been actively strengthening its presence in the automotive sector since it launched its online automotive product business in 2018. In October 2022, JD Auto expanded its offerings by launching new energy vehicle experience centers in various cities, providing a holistic solution for automotive needs. In June 2023, JD Retail consolidated its automotive ventures by establishing the JD Auto business unit, aimed at offering an integrated platform for vehicle owners, encompassing everything from purchase to maintenance.