Jan 10, 2024|

Ochama Launches Global Shipped Items and Low-Price Sales with Upgraded Pick-Up Services


In celebration of its second anniversary, ochama, the innovative omni-channel retailer, announced today a series of significant enhancements to its product range and services. The company is introducing “Global Shipped Items” and “Everyday Low Price” (EDLP) channels, along with a streamlined Same-Day Pick-up service. These offerings are at the heart of ochama’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality, affordability, and convenience as the company steps into its third year.

Ochama’s extensive selection of Global Shipped Items, bolstered by the robust sourcing network of its parent company JD.com, provides shoppers with the opportunity to access premium international goods at budget-friendly prices. Ochama’s strategy to bypass intermediaries is key to delivering real savings for consumers. In tandem, the EDLP section offers consistently stable low prices on daily essentials, ensuring affordability is not only within reach but also constant. This approach eliminates the need for customers to keep an eye out for promotions on everyday items, positioning ochama as the go-to destination for the most competitive prices in the market.

Ochama prides itself on being at the forefront of offering easy and efficient delivery and pick-up options. Since launching in the Netherlands in January 2022, ochama has achieved remarkable growth, with home delivery services now available in 24 countries. Currently, customers in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium also benefit from the convenience of our pick-up services at more than 650 locations. Additionally, we are actively piloting a swift and hassle-free Same-Day Pick-up service in select regions in the Netherlands, ideal for last-minute purchases or spontaneous shopping trips.

2023 was also marked by significant achievements. Notably, ochama saw a 362% year-over-year increase during the Singles’ Day (11.11) Mega Sale in November and a 435% surge in pickup order volume on Black Friday. These figures reflect the growing trust and satisfaction our customers place in our brand.

As ochama steps into another year of transformative retail, we remain steadfast in our mission to bring exceptional value and convenience to our customers globally.


About ochama

Ochama is an innovative B2C omni-channel retailer that uses state-of-the-art retail and supply chain solutions to offer a comprehensive, full category assortment of products at low prices, including both food and non-food items such as home appliances, home living, electronics, fashion and more. Online orders can be collected from hundreds of pick-up points in Europe, or delivered right to the customer’s home.


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