Mar 24, 2021|

JD Awarded Three Prizes at China Express Night Gala


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Express, JD Logistics’ express delivery business, was awarded three prizes at the 2021 China Express Night Gala held on Mar. 22 in Beijing, organized by leading industry media including China Post and Express News, under the state’s post bureau.

The three prizes JD was awarded for its 2020 performance include: “quality development award”, “social responsibility award” and “special award for anti-pandemic contribution”. This is the fifth year for JD Express to be awarded by the gala since its establishment in 2017.

Lichao Wang (right), head of JD Express North China region, receives the “quality development award” from Junqiong Li (left), publisher and chief editor of China Post and Express News

Quality Development

JD Express has become the representative of high quality service in the industry. According to China’s State Post Bureau, JD Express’ user satisfaction rate has been ranked among top 3 for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020. Its penetration in lower-tier regions in China targets to enable 1,000 counties and 10,000 towns to be able to receive parcels from across the nation in 24 hours, so that villagers are able to enjoy the same standard of service as people in cities.

Social Responsibility

Under’s Green Stream Initiative, the company has distributed recyclable delivery boxes in over 30 cities. The boxes have been used more than 200 million times as of March 2021. The adoption of “slim tape” that is still secure enough to keep packages sealed properly has saved over 65,000 tons of plastic.

Anti-pandemic Contribution

At the peak of COVID-19 in China in 2020, JD Express couriers stayed on duty to transport medical supplies to the frontlines of the fight against the virus and deliver daily necessities to consumers across China including in the epicenter Wuhan, Hubei province. Meanwhile, JD prioritized the health and safety of employees and provided frontline staff with sufficient protective equipment.

“The express delivery industry has become an important part of contemporary consumption. It plays an important role in ensuring the flow of the economy and coordinating social supply and demand, as well as connecting manufacturing and consumption,” said Jun Fan, head of JD Express. “In the next step, we will continue invest in technology, create diversified service products, and consolidate our high-standard services.”