Aug 26, 2020|

JD Boosts Yunnan’s Flowers Sales on Chinese Valentine’s Day “Qixi”


by Vivian Yang

To observe China’s Valentine’s Day, known as Qixi which falls on August 25th this year, JD ensures that fresh flowers from Yunnan province, the most famous flower production base in China, can be flash delivered to customers across the country.

Compared with Valentine’s Day on Feb.14th, and “520”, China’s internet Valentine’s Day on May 20th, and some other festivals for people in love, this time, people’s enthusiasm for Qixi in the post-pandemic period turns out to be at an all-time high.

Based on insights on the flower consumption, JD introduced a number of flower products customized for Qixi, such as fresh flower gift boxes and preserved fresh flowers. Many selective flower bouquets are sold through JD’s online flash sales activities at RMB 9.9 yuan.

Yunnan’s Flowers Sales on Chinese Valentine’s Day “Qixi”

While delivering romance to millions of customers, JD is also taking the festival as an opportunity to support the economic recovery of Yunnan’s flower industry. It is said that every seven out of 10 fresh follower products in China are from Yunnan. However, earlier this year, this industry was heavily hurt by the pandemic. A sales boost enabled by JD at Qixi is much needed for the local suppliers.

JD at Qixi is much needed for the local suppliers

Thanks to the active participation of flower suppliers from many production zones in Yunnan, as well as a variety of their high-quality product offerings, including but not limited to roses, carnations, alstroemerias, chamomiles, and lilies, JD is able to meet the huge surge in demand and provide rich choices of fresh flowers during the peak time.

In order to guarantee the quality of fresh flowers transported over long distances, JD created more direct farm-to-market routes. Cold chain delivery, special packaging and scheduled freights are all arranged to keep the flowers in a 2-8°C environment during the whole delivery process. On the retail side, through online and offline integration with over 300,000 flower shops all over the country, flower orders on JD can be delivered in one-to-two hours within the same city.