Aug 26, 2020|

JD Partners with Suzhou City to Build Smart Logistics Park


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Logistics and Suzhou (宿州), a prefecture-level city in Anhui province, signed a partnership agreement on August 19th to upgrade the city’s urban logistics to become intelligent and digital. The partnership will start with the construction of Suzhou’s Huanghuaihai smart logistics park and will form a regional core logistics hub.

Located in the northeast of Anhui province, Suzhou has the largest cloud computing data center in East China, known as Cloud City. This year the city started construction of its approximately 6.7 million square-meter smart logistics industrial park. JD Logistics will provide the logistics park with business, technology and operations resources.

JD will leverage technologies such as 5G, blockchain and AI to empower the logistics park, promoting the construction of Suzhou’s warehousing and delivery network, thus further speeding up fulfillment speed in lower-tier cities.

In addition, the two parties will collaborate in digitizing traditional industries and rural e-commerce. JD will provide its cloud warehouse and cold chain logistics services to secure the sales of local agricultural products. The e-commerce giant will help Suzhou’s Dangshan county, a popular place of origin for pears, to build an integrated supply chain base.

“The partnership with JD will help to strengthen and optimize the Huanghuaihai smart logistics park and promote the high-quality development of both land and enterprises. We will continue to improve the business environment and provide efficient, convenient, high-quality and accurate services for JD,” said Jun Yang, mayor of Suzhou city.

“Leveraging JD Logistics’ rich experience in logistics automation and digitization, the two parties will build a nationwide leading integrated supply chain base and empower traditional industries,” said Jade Wang, head of the smart supply chain industrial platform at JD Logistics.