Sep 28, 2020|

JD Central Achieves 550% GMV Growth From 2018-2020


by Martin Li

JD Central (JDC), the e-commerce joint venture between and retail conglomerate Central Group in Thailand, has achieved a 550% growth in the gross merchandise value (GMV) of its e-commerce platform since its launch on September 28, 2018, the company announced today.

Today marks the second anniversary of JDC, which is combination of direct-to-consumer and marketplace platform. The company now employs 1,200 people, 98% of whom are Thais.

It has served around five million customers and is cooperating with 15,000 brands. The company’s e-commerce app JD CENTRAL has been downloaded eight million times.

The average order value on the platform stands at 2,500 Thai Baht (US$79). The five best-selling product categories in 2020 are mobile phones and tablets, home appliances, small appliances, computers and office equipment, as well as fashion products.

Two-year journey of JD Central

However, Vincent Yang, CEO of JDC, doesn’t see JDC as just another e-commerce player in Thailand.

“We see ourselves as a game changer in Thailand’s e-commerce field, initiating and doing new things to provide a good shopping experience for customers,” Yang said. “To say that we are revolutionary in e-commerce in Thailand is no exaggeration. What we do, no one does. That’s why, the e-commerce giant from China, came to partner with Central Group and create JD Central.”

It’s rare to see a price war on JDC. Instead, the company always highlights its commitment to guaranteed 100% authentic products. According to Yang, the company is turning the price battlefield of the same old e-commerce tactics into delivering the best shopping experience for customers.

JDC has been providing all-round services to consumers, sellers, trade partners and communities, including retail, marketing, online-to-offline solution and fulfilment.

Its delivery service covers 98% of Thailand, reaching 77 provinces. Ninety-nine percent of orders placed before 11 a.m. can be delivered the same or next day for upcountry. The top three delivered regions are central, northeast and north.

The company’s efforts to improve the shopping experience have paid off with its customer satisfaction rate now reaching 97%.

Regarding the offline businesses that sell through JDC, the company seeks to enable them with digital solutions.

“With our partners, we are not just looking at the people who opened a shop on our platform,” Yang said. “We look further. We look at those partners as our business partners where we help each other, walking and growing together. This will make both our business and their business sustainable. It will increase the number of visitors interested in the products they see available. We also adopt O2O strategies to help them.”

Joy Farm program with five Thai local brands

In the latest move, JDC has partnered with five small agricultural shops on a program named Joy Farm to sell processed agricultural products on its platform.

To learn more about JDC, click to watch the video below: