Jul 15, 2020|

JD.com and Beijing Tourism Group Strengthen Cooperation on Digital Transformation


by Vivian Yang

On July 10th, JD.com and Beijing Tourism Group (BTG) reached a strategic agreement to deepen cooperation online and offline through strategic investment, business partnership and exploring new opportunities.

Both JD.com and BTG are well-known Beijing-based enterprises. JD will help BTG to build up its digital insights and data technology capabilities as well as private cloud to improve its management of customers, merchants, logistics, capital and information flow.

The two parties will also work together to explore opportunities in smart city and customer source integration.

According to JD.com, the outbreak of COVD-19 only made the two sides speed up the cooperation on digital transformation. Recently, JD hosted a livestream show for Quanjude Peking roast duck restaurant, a time-honored Chinese brand under BTG.

BTG has extensive business in the tourism industry covering dining, hotels, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, culture and airlines. At present, the group owns 132 business brands, which are collectively valued at over RMB 100 billion yuan in total, and operate over 7,000 offline stores across 400 cities in China, receiving 300 million customers on an annual basis.

With summer’s arrival and the end of the National College Entrance Exam (“Gaokao”), more Chinese families have begun to plan their domestic travels. JD Travel’s recent data shows that searches for air and train tickets in the first two weeks of July jumped, especially for popular tourist destinations like Sanya, Chengdu, Shanghai, etc. Travel ticket searches and bookings for resort hotels were up by 237% and 175% respectively compared with June.

Discussion around cooperation between the two sides began in 2019. Prior to that, JD.com and JD Digits concluded a strategic investment in a subsidiary of BTG named Huilian Technology LLC. It will act as the main body for the cooperation, promoting the digitization of consumer-facing services in the tourism group.