Sep 4, 2018| and L’Oréal Expand “Inclusive Beauty” Program for Employees with Disabilities

Share: and L’Oréal China are launching a new activity center for employees with disabilities, part of the companies’ joint “Inclusive Beauty” training and employment program, launched last year.

Since announcing the three-year program, JD has worked with L’Oréal and the China Foundation for Disabled Persons (CFDP) to offer dozens of jobs and professional training to people with disabilities in China, where they commonly face workplace discrimination. The goal for the program is to create at least 300 job opportunities for people with disabilities at JD Customer Service Centers in Suqian and Chengdu, and to offer e-commerce training courses to 1,000 people with disabilities by 2020.

The new JD-L’Oréal Activity Center for Disabled Employees in Suqian will be fully equipped with physical and emotional support to employees with disabilities, ensuring a smooth transition as they take up their new responsibilities.

“To be honest, when I first joined the program I was worried that people would ‘look after’ me too much – that people would expect less of me because of my disability,” said Xiao Min. “But after working at JD for a year, I’ve found that everyone here is equal: nobody here expects less of you because you are different physically. If other people can give 100%, then so can I.”

“Here, my identity is an employee, which makes me feel like I’ve really adapted to this environment. I am finally treated as a professional in the workplace,” she said.

Over 50% of people with disabilities in China work physically challenging jobs in industries like agriculture, and many face discrimination in the workplace. The “Inclusive Beauty” program seeks to solve these problems by providing a clear career path within the e-commerce industry that is truly inclusive and integrated.

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