Dec 28, 2018| Partners with Brands to Raise Money for Left-behind Children

Share:, China’s largest retailer, has partnered with top brands on its e-commerce platform to raise money for China’s millions of left-behind and disadvantaged children.

Working with Wardrobe of Love, a charitable foundation, JD launched a “Season of Giving” event ahead of the New Year, from Dec 20 to 25, in which the company partnered with consumer brands to donate a portion of their sales to deliver clothing, books, school bags and other much needed items to children living in remote areas with harsh environments.

JD launched a “Season of Giving” event ahead of the New Year

As China has undergone a period of rapid urbanization, many parents have been forced to move away from their rural hometowns to find employment in cities, leaving their children behind, often to be raised by their grandparents. While the numbers of left-behind children have declined in recent years, there are still almost 7 million left-behind children in China, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Together with its charity affiliate, JD Foundation, JD worked with some 1,500 brands such as Mentholatum and Zippo, to donate 0.1% from every sale to children living in remote and extremely cold areas. In addition to the donations, approximately 30,000 items have been delivered to schools in remote areas of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, Yunnan, Shaanxi and Hebei provinces.

The donations were enabled by Aixin Dongdong, a JD-powered technological function that conveniently facilitates micro-donations. Brands that use the function are able to allocate a select amount of their sales revenue toward the NGO they aim to support. Since August, 12 million products have signed up to enable Aixin Dongdong, raising more than RMB 5 million ($725,172.11). The function is expected to raise RMB 20 million within its first year.

“We are delighted to have worked together with on such a heartwarming and innovative project,” said Ying Qiao, general secretary of Wardrobe of Love Foundation.

“Wardrobe of Love is committed to warming the hearts of children from remote and extremely cold areas, so as to raise public awareness to their issues. By partnering with China’s largest retailer, we’ve been able to raise money from global brands and bring even more care and love to kids across China just before the New Year.”

Libo Ma, head of Corporate Social Responsibility at, said: “From day one, JD has felt it is crucial for us leverage our technology and resources to give back to the needed communities. We will continue to fulfill this commitment and to empower all of our partners to do so as well.”

Devoted to changing young people’s lives for the better, JD is focused on creating the brightest future possible for up-and-coming generations. JD Foundation has also donated over RMB 500 million toward scholarships to Tsinghua University and Renmin University over the past two years, providing students from low-income backgrounds with the opportunity to study at some of China’s most prestigious higher education institutions.