May 25, 2021| and Moutai Partner to Build Libraries in Rural Schools


by Hui Zhang and Kweichow Moutai Group, China’s liquor giant, unveiled the opening of a library at the Er Primary School of Daozhen Gelao and Miao Autonomous County in northernmost Guizhou province on May 18, with a donation of about 15,000 books on the theme of Chinese traditional culture for students of both primary and secondary schools.

All the books were donated by employees from the two companies as part of their ongoing social welfare program in partnership with China Social Assistance Foundation, aiming to set up 5 public libraries within schools in the county to improve rural education quality.

“ has always adhered to its social responsibility, and has made active and continuous efforts in improving the quality of consumption, safeguarding employment and promoting the development of the real economy, while also contributing to the high-quality development of the social economy,” said Carol Fung, president of JD FMCG Omni-channel.

Carol Fung, president of JD FMCG Omni-channel

“ and Moutai share the same philosophy in practicing corporate social responsibility, and we have jointly carried out a number of cooperation efforts in the area so far. We hope to enhance cooperation with Moutai in the future to jointly promote rural revitalization and traditional culture.”

During the event celebrating the library opening and books donation, children’s literature author Zhou Rui hosted a much welcomed class for local students on Peking Opera, the most dominant form of Chinese opera combining music, vocal performance, mime, dance and acrobatics.

“Moutai believes that proper education can help relieve people from poverty, and we have done a solid job to help the poor through participating in education,” said Jingren Li, vice chairman and president of Moutai Group.

Jingren Li, vice chairman and president of Moutai Group

“Our cooperation with to set up this library is one of our new efforts to facilitate local education development in the county,” he added. “We’re looking forward to working with more companies like to help relieve poverty through education and to promote rural revitalization.”


(Banner photo: Lu Bin, Party Secretary of Daochen County; Jingren Li, vice chairman and president of Moutai Group; Carol Fung, president of JD FMCG Omni-channel; Xueqing Fei, Deputy Governor of Daozhen County)