Apr 25, 2023|

JD.com and Tian-Qiang Charitable Fund Launch “Starlight Transmission” to Donate Children’s Books to More than 100 Rural Primary Schools


by Yuchuan Wang

On April 23, World Reading Day, JD Foundation, joined by Tian-Qiang Charitable Fund, Beijing Le Share Foundation, JD Books, JD Health and JD Logistics jointly launched “Starlight Transmission”, a children’s books donation campaign. The goal is to donate books to more than 100 primary schools in rural areas.

Users can support the initiative in a few different ways on JD’s app:

  • Recommend a book
  • Donate new books
  • Donate previously-owned books

Between April 23-June 1, children who live in cities can recommend books to their peers in rural areas, creating a common bond through reading despite the distance. The recommended books will be donated by JD.

Nancy Zhang, who came up with idea of the campaign and serves as head of Tian-Qiang Charitable Fund says that she hopes the “Starlight Transmission” campaign can build a bridge for children in cities and rural areas to communicate with one another and share in the joy that reading brings no matter where one lives.

Since 2018, JD.com has participated in book donation campaigns, as well as book recycling initiatives.

This year, as part of the Starlight Transmission campaign, JD will also arrange for education and mental health experts to visit primary schools and advocate for greater awareness of mental health challenges that youth face.