Apr 26, 2023|

JD Logistics Transforms Medicine Delivery in Chinese Hospitals through Integration with Express Delivery Service


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Logistics has taken a significant step towards transforming the healthcare industry in China by integrating express delivery services with hospital systems. For the first time, patients can use self-service terminals in Guang’anmen Hospital (GAMH) to order doorstep delivery of their prescribed medication, with delivery information connected to their medical insurance cards. Over 50% of patients at GAMH have opted for JD Express, the express delivery service of JD Logistics. The service is expected to be utilized over 200,000 times annually.

GAMH, one of the most renowned hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China, is the Second Institute of Clinical Medicine of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. Over 80% of its patients are over 60 years old. Mrs. Yao, a patient at the hospital, describes how, in the past, she would spend at least two hours on every trip to GAMH and then wait another two to three days for the hospital to prepare her herbal medicines, which usually weighed over five kilograms.

The new service has transformed the medication delivery, saving patients like Mrs. Yao time and energy. Patients no longer need to wait for their medicine to be prepared, and they can now have it delivered directly to their homes. After paying the medicine fee at the self-service machine, patients can choose to have their medicine delivered by JD Express. JD Express is also stationed in the outpatient hall to offer delivery services.

JD Logistics began exploring delivery solutions customized for hospital scenarios as early as 2020. In Guangdong province, JD Express partnered with local governments to create convenient medical delivery points that offer free medicine delivery services to citizens. JD Logistics also provides contactless delivery services for online consultation medicine using its autonomous delivery vehicles. With internet hospitals, JD Logistics piloted a full-process service that covers online consultation, online prescription, online payment, and express delivery, enabling patients from all over China to enjoy convenient medical services without leaving their homes.