Dec 6, 2023| Celebrates the Launch of Slovak National Pavilion


by Vivian Yang

On December 5th, announced the grand opening of the National Pavilion of Slovakia at the residence of Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to China Peter Lizák,  The event marked a significant moment, as Slovakia, famously known as the “Country of Castles,” became the 20th European country to launch a country-themed flagship store on

Ambassador Lizák expressed in his opening remarks, “This project marks a significant milestone for Slovak enterprises and Chinese customers. It brings new potential into our bilateral cooperation.”

The Pavilion showcases a range of Slovak specialties, including the internationally acclaimed LYRA ruby milk chocolates, wine collections from 400-year-old Modra wine cellars, and exquisite RONA glassware. These specialties are now readily accessible to Chinese consumers via the JD app, offering them the ease of shopping with competitive pricing and JD’s efficient delivery services.

“This is just the beginning. More Slovak products will soon be added,” said Ambassador Lizák, revealing a number of Slovak premium dairy brands are on the way to meet Chinese consumers. Moreover, Ambassador Lizák noted the growing opportunities in tourism, especially with Slovakia’s recent inclusion on China’s overseas group tours destination list, which could attract Chinese visitors to Slovakia’s scenic landscapes and historic landmarks.

Yusuf Ma, head of JD Super’s National Pavilion program, part of the JD Retail division, said, ‘We are excited about the prospect of deepening our collaborations with additional Slovak brand partners and suppliers. This initiative is a reflection of JD’s commitment to enriching the Chinese market with a diverse assortment of high-quality products. Moreover, through our support of global brands in their journey into the Chinese market, the National Pavilion program becomes a vital link for cultural engagement and a dynamic platform for promoting tourism.” With over 50 brands achieving annual sales exceeding 1 billion RMB and more than 500 brands surpassing 100 million RMB in annual sales, JD Super has solidified its position as the go-to online store for Chinese consumers in supermarket categories, serving as a significant sales growth platform for numerous brands.

King Wang, chairman of CLIBIZ Holding Ltd., the store operator of the National Pavilion of Slovakia stated that “As the link between the embassy and, we aim to seamlessly introduce Slovak products to JD. Drawing on our expertise in online operations, we’ll focus on product curating, positioning, marketing, customer service, and more aspects for a smooth shopping experience.”’s National Pavilion program now features over 110 pavilions, offering nearly ten thousand specialty products from almost 60 countries. The recent Singles’ Day Grand Promotion saw a remarkable 700% year-on-year growth in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) within the first 10 minutes, reflecting strong consumer interest in international products. remains dedicated to fostering global trade and cultural exchange. The launch of the Slovak National Pavilion is a prime example of JD’s commitment to bridging the gap between Chinese consumers and the wider world, supported by its robust logistics and customer service expertise.