Dec 2, 2023|

Empowering Beauty Retail: JD Worldwide Introduces Incentives and Solutions in Cross-Border E-Commerce


by Vivian Yang

JD Worldwide,’s one-stop shopping platform for both imported and exported goods, recently hosted a merchant recruitment event in Shenzhen, focusing on beauty and skincare categories. Held on November 30th, the event showcased JD’s innovative cross-border e-commerce solutions, highlighting our integrated supply chain capabilities, and introduced various incentives for new merchants joining the platform.

Emerging Consumer Trends and Market Leadership

“The Gen Z demographic, primarily consisting of individuals born after the year 2000, has emerged as a major driving force in the consumption of imported beauty and skincare products. Since 2023, this group has shown an extraordinary growth of more than 250% year-on-year on,” shared the category manager of JD Worldwide. “Moreover, JD Worldwide continues to lead in engaging users from China’s smaller cities in this market segment, further establishing our platform as the go-to site for imported goods.”

JD Worldwide introduced bespoke incentive policies tailored for beauty and skincare merchants at the event, including JD’s “Spring Dawn” initiative, specifically designed to support small businesses and individual entrepreneurs in kick-starting their journey on the platform. Merchants can also benefit from substantial premiums of up to 5% of their annual sales. Additionally, we introduced specialized incentives for newcomers in categories such as perfumes and cosmetics, ranging from reduced quality assurance deposits to commission rebates.

Rising Demand for Imported Goods

The demand for imported goods in China is on an upward trajectory, fueled by increased availability, enhanced service efficiency, and a gradual reduction in prices. The “2023 Report on European Imported Product Consumption Trends,” published by JD’s Consumption and Industry Development Research Institute, reveals a 79% rise in users purchasing European imports. Notably, there’s been a 312% increase in users below 25 years and a 207% rise in transactions in county and rural markets.

During this year’s Singles’ Day Grand Promotion, JD Worldwide experienced a significant 100% year-on-year increase in transaction volume across more than 350 cross-border imported product categories. Particularly noteworthy is the 20-fold growth in our Korean direct procurement business within the beauty category.

Continued Innovation and Consumer Appeal

JD Worldwide is relentlessly innovating, evident in our consumer-favorite models like global buyers’ stores, National Pavilions, Global Supermarket, and the “just-in-time inventory from official brand sites” program. By leveraging JD’s advanced supply chain capabilities, we’re continuously refining and expanding our ecosystem. Our focus spans enhancing consumption scenarios, devising impactful marketing strategies, ensuring product and service quality, and intensifying merchant recruitment. Our goal is unwavering – to equip brand merchants with the tools and support necessary to thrive in the Chinese market.

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