Aug 17, 2022| Deepens Cooperation with Tampax


by Mengyang He recently initiated a consensus workshop with Tampax from Procter & Gamble, where the two sides set priorities and reached agreements on a series of common objectives, including the goal to realize a tenfold growth in transaction volume for the brand on within the next five years.

As a leading tampon brand, Tampax tapped into the Chinese market in 2017, and recorded a transaction volume of over RMB 25 million yuan on last year.

In the future, and Tampax will jointly roll out various marketing campaigns to further elevate the exposure of tampon products, educate consumers, and increase brand awareness with related content.

“We are delighted to see that lots of new users come from the Gen Z and student population, and we hope to expand the category and let more consumers know about the high-quality products,” said Xiaofeng Qian, head of feminine hygiene products for

Because of existing consumption habits and a lack of product awareness, China’s tampon market is still in its early stage, with a user penetration rate of only 2 percent, a far cry from many other countries.

With more women joining a variety of sports activities and putting an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, tampons are coming in handy and the market in China sees its potential.