Sep 6, 2023| Launches Second Annual Agricultural Specialty Shopping Festival to Promote High-Quality Agricultural Products


by Vivian Yang announced the launch of its second annual Harvest Carnival and Shopping Festival of Agricultural Specialties, kicking off on September 1st. Backed by a robust investment of one billion yuan, is committed to connecting consumers with exceptional farm-fresh goods from over 2,000 industrial belt zones across China, all while ensuring rapid delivery and optimal freshness.

Leveraging its digitally intelligent supply chain, directly sources premium agricultural specialties from their source regions. By eliminating middlemen, the company is able to guarantee delivery to consumers’ homes within 72 hours. also provides a money-back guarantee for any damaged produce, ensuring a hassle-free and superior shopping experience for all.

During the festival, employs a multi-faceted approach that includes direct subsidies and targeted traffic promotions to feature local specialties to nationwide consumers, such as Sunite mutton from Inner Mongolia, hairy crabs from Suqian, corn from Northeast China, pears from Laiyang, wine from Ningxia, sea cucumbers from Weihai, and Wuyi Mountain black tea. These efforts serve not only to enrich the customer experience but also to increase revenue for local farmers significantly.

To further promote agricultural specialties, the festival will feature 2,000 live streaming events where influencers will guide viewers through the cultivation and harvesting processes, offering a farm-to-table experience that informs and delights.

Last year’s inaugural Harvest Carnival and Shopping Festival witnessed immense participation from millions of Chinese consumers. The transaction volume and traffic for high-quality agricultural products from various regions saw remarkable double-digit growth compared to the same period last year with increases of nearly 50% and 1.2 times, respectively. Noteworthy sales included 160,000 hairy crabs from Suqian, Jiangsu, over 500,000 kiwis from Xiuwen, Guizhou, and 5.3 million pomegranates from Hui Li, Sichuan.

Through its focus on elevating the quality of agricultural products and supporting farmers, has successfully increased the value of agricultural output and fostered a virtuous cycle that results in higher-quality products for consumers, improved revenues for farmers, and a strengthened agricultural value chain.

Since the launch of its “March to Rich” rural revitalization initiative in October 2020, has successfully collaborated with over 2,000 industrial belts nationwide. The company surpassed its target of generating a rural output value of over one trillion yuan — achieving this milestone three years ahead of schedule in June.

As launches this year’s  Shopping Festival of Agricultural Specialties, the company reaffirms its commitment to enhancing the quality of China’s agricultural sector, supporting farmers, and bolstering the growth of the rural economy.