May 16, 2022| Named in China’s 2022 Industrial Internet Platform Recognition List


by Vivian Yang has been named one of China’s 2022 cross-industry and cross-sector industrial internet platforms by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) on May 12th.

The annual recognition list, which unveiled 14 new platforms this year, is part of China’s efforts to promote the integration of the internet and advanced manufacturing. It identifies those pioneering platforms that demonstrate comprehensive competencies in driving industrial IOT on a rolling evaluation basis. So far there are altogether 29 enterprises on the list or a so-called “national team”.

Positioned as “a new type of real economy enterprise”, has been deeply linked with both the consumer and industrial ends in the past years, allowing it to fully leverage its technology and know-how in the supply chain to support the digital and intelligent transformation of many industries, supporting them to improve production efficiency and synergy with sales activities.

JD Industry, the industrial development-focused technology and service provider under, provides its PaaS services, known as “Jing Qing Hu Lian”(京擎互联), to industrial clients in three main areas,  namely smart procurement, smart energy management solutions and smart O&M (operation & maintenance).

The PaaS platform is connected with an extensive range of equipment protocols and other production resources in the upstream, while also carrying up various business applications in managing supply chain, production, R&D and equipment, so as to realize the deep integration of IT and OT (operational technology).

“We will continue to give better ‘JD answers’ to the building of industrial internet along the way of our development,” said Fengwei Ji, general manager of IOT product department of JD Industry. “While diving deeper to understand the needs of industrial enterprises, we will give full play to JD’s technological advantages to deliver digitally intelligent solutions, setting good examples as a cross-industry and cross-sector enterprise to support the development of the industrial internet.”