Feb 5, 2020|

JD.com on the frontlines to support Wuhan and provide coronavirus aid


By Tracy Yang


JD Logistics’ Baofeng Road delivery station in Wuhan, is only 500 meters away from Wuhan Union Hospital. Fully equipped with prevention gear, JD delivery courier Liming Shang and his colleagues have spent several days making delivery runs of supplies sent by Internet users across the country to the medical staff at the hospitals.

JD Logistics opened a special channel for relief materials across the country to assist Wuhan on January 25th. As of February 2 at 6pm, JD Logistics had received a total of 600 donation transportation needs from public welfare organizations, enterprises and institutions, and had successfully transported more than 2.36 million medical and epidemic prevention supplies, including masks, medical gloves, goggles, disinfectants and others to major hospitals in Wuhan, Huanggang and other places in Hubei Province.

From early on, JD has stepped up to support Wuhan and the rest of China in its fight against the coronavirus outbreak. Not taking its responsibility to society lightly,  JD.com has leveraged the full strength of its capabilities, from logistics, to technology and more, to help those in need to weather this challenging time.

“During this unique time, my colleagues and I have spent most of my time running between the different hospitals,” said Liming Shang. “There are a lot of people who desperately need these medical supplies, and that could risk a great deal if we don’t. What we are doing may not be a massive heroic effort, but we’re doing what we can with what we have to help.”

Like Liming Shang, there are tens of thousands of JD Logistics delivery couriers across the country, who are still working to meet consumer demand in China for all sorts of products. Relying on the advantages of its nationwide logistics infrastructure, big data, supply chain and premium service, JD Logistics’ tens of thousands of front-line personnel are able to fully meet the needs of hundreds of millions of consumers in China.

To further ensure the safety of employees fighting on the frontlines, JD Logistics stepped up the allocation of emergency materials for epidemic prevention, such as masks, thermometers, protective glasses and clothing, disinfectant, and more. JD Logistics is also undergoing regular disinfection of its warehouses, delivery stations and vehicles. To ensure an extra level of protection for its employees on the frontlines during this time, JD has provided frontline employees with a supplemental coronavirus insurance plan, on top of their existing benefits.

Several other business groups under JD.com have also launched a series of measures to help the general public to overcome these difficult times. JD Health offers free online consultation 24/7 for people who suffer from coronavirus symptoms and gives them access to consult a doctor from the comfort of their homes. There is also a hotline for people who need psychological support. In addition, JD Health has invited respiratory and infectious disease experts and an academic to conduct free live-streams, offering an engaging opportunity for people to learn and ask questions.

JD’s AI powered sentiment-sensing customer service and JD Cloud video conferencing service is also open free of charge for enterprises and individuals in need.

Recently, JD.com announced 11 subsidy support measures for the 250,000 merchants on its platform. These measures include expense reduction, financial and logistics support, traffic support, technical support, health protection, and more.

  • JD Health will provide free doctor consultation services for enterprise employees.
  • JD Digits will launch an interest fee reduction and delayed repayment policy.
  • JD Logistics will provide one-on-one customer service for new merchants who use JD’s fulfillment services and 48-hour rapid contract signing, enabling them to get up and running on the platform hassle-free.
  • For the merchants in Hubei Province, JD.com will provide additional services, like waiving one month of fees, providing a maximum insurance premium of RMB 300,000, and providing one month of free operations, among others.