Feb 6, 2024|

JD.com Announces Salary Increase for Over 20,000 Customer Service Employees


JD.com announced on February 5 that it will increase the annual salary for its more than 20,000 front-line customer service employees by an average of 30%.

With the largest in-house e-commerce customer service team in China, JD.com has been providing 24/7 services for individuals and businesses since 2009. This announcement follows a recent salary adjustment in late December, where JD.com nearly doubled the fixed salaries of procurement and sales staff within JD Retail for 2024.

JD.com is deeply committed to improving the quality of life, happiness, and sense of achievement among all its employees. This commitment is reflected in the comprehensive welfare policy it offers, including “five social insurances and one housing fund,” benefiting all front-line staff members, from warehouse to delivery personnel.

The company’s dedication to its workforce is further evidenced by the success stories of nearly 100 JD couriers who have earned over RMB 1 million within three years. In January, JD Logistics celebrated the retirement of Mr. Jin Yicai, its first courier in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, who served with dedication until his retirement at 60. Many couriers, customer service representatives, warehouse workers, just like Mr. Jin, have retired from JD and enjoy a secured retirement.

In late 2022, JD upgraded its “Housing Guarantee Fund” for employees with an investment of RMB 10 billion. Since 2023, 77% of the fund’s applicants have been frontline workers. Additionally, JD has provided over 25,000 employee apartments across various regions, significantly reducing their living costs and commute times.

“I firmly believe in consistently treating our employees well,” said Richard Liu, the Founder and Chairman of JD.com. “We want our employees to lead hopeful lives and have confidence in the future.”