May 17, 2022| Rolls out Estee Lauder Group’s Makeup Brand


by Xiaoqian Han

M.A.C, an Estee Lauder makeup brand, recently launched on, offering lipsticks, foundations, eye shadows, and other categories, as well as new summer items and a limited edition of 520 festival lipsticks.

The M.A.C flagship store debuts a gift package for the forthcoming 520 Festival (the Chinese pronunciation of 520 is close to “I love you”, hence the Chinese netizen invented this “Valentine’s Day on Internet”), and a range of hot-selling lipstick designs. Additionally, the store adopts environmentally friendly packaging, which not only meets the needs of beauty consumption but also fully supports green consumption.

Following brands like Estee Lauder, Origins, Clinique, and LAB SERIES, M.A.C’s flagship store is the latest cooperation between and the Estee Lauder Group. With’s genuine product guarantee, omni-channel supply chain capability, and after-sales service system, JD Beauty has long been regarded as a reliable source of beauty items.

The M.A.C. flagship store is part of a new format on the platform called “The J Shop. Upgraded from JD Fashion and Lifestyle business, the new format offers deep integration of commodity and service capabilities in omni-channel retailing for apparel, lifestyle, cosmetics, sports, luxury fashion, watches, and more.

The J Shop’s online channel, which is available on JD’s App, caters mostly to youthful consumers. It provides exclusive online scenarios complementing a fashionable lifestyle with a redesigned visual browsing experience, quality service, and interactive shopping.