Aug 20, 2021|

JD Health “Family Doctor” Anniversary: Monthly User Growth Rate Doubles


by Hui Zhang

JD Health announced its achievements at a virtual event in celebration of the first anniversary of its “family doctor” service on Aug 18, showcasing two impressive numbers, with one being active users accounting for 87% of the total number of the service users, and the other being the 220% average monthly user growth rate.

On the occasion of the celebration, JD Health also inaugurated a public welfare program to help the Alzheimer’s patients in partnership with the China Aging Development Foundation, a national charity organization. Through the program, JD Health provides early detection services to 10,000 users over 60 years old. Meanwhile, it will also offer financial assistance to underprivileged patients, and help patients plan rehabilitation and disease management.

“Since the establishment of the family doctor service, we aim to become the effective ‘physicians,’ ‘communicators,’ ‘health managers,’ ‘coordinators,’ and ‘health financiers’ to help users in health management,” said Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health.

Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health, on the stage

Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health, on the stage

JD Health has continuously optimized its user experience through increasing service points of entry for consumers. So far, in addition to online consultation through JD’s App, JD Health also introduced tailor-made telehealth services targeted at senior users who can use voice commands to access the service through an AI-based speaker. Meanwhile, users who are not familiar with mobile or internet usage can also dial in through s hotline service 950619. Recently, a new function to support multiple people online to seek consultation at the same time has also successfully launched within JD’s app. For example, children and their parents can call in to seek for consultation at the same time to bring peace of mind for both groups.

The “family doctor” service now covers different categories of patients, such as chronic disease patients and sub healthy people. The service not only provides professional medical assistance, but also helps them to create a health management plan to improve their health conditions.

The “family doctor” services program launched this August is tailor-made to provide timely, consistent and comprehensive primary healthcare support for families. It targets serving over 50 million families in the next five years.