Jun 12, 2020|

JD.com and Western Digital Target New Sales Record during 618


by Ling Cao

Western Digital (WD), the world’s leading computer hard disk drive manufacturer and data storage company, which is also a strategic partner of JD.com, is targeting new sales records during this 618 Grand Promotion. The company has already seen good sales performance on JD thus far.

On midnight of June 1st, WD’s hard disk was recommended during a livestream, which generated sales of 10,000 hard disks sold on JD in just 10 minutes. On whole day of June 1st, WD’s sales and total number of products sold on JD have both topped JD’s hard disk category, growing 240% and 170% YOY respectively, exceeding last year’s Singles Day (November 11th) sales. Page views increased 500% YOY, topping the hard disks category.

This success is not a coincidence. Both companies have continuously delivered innovative solutions to enhance customer experience. The “My Passport” white hard disk is an example. Through an IP partnership, the brand has used a Tianjin Museum-themed design on the packaging of the product, and made JD the exclusive channel for the product launch. After going on sale via JD’s platform on June 1st, the 5T product sold out in just two days.

Another example is the C2M initiative, which is also a trend in many industries. Last year, both companies designed a C2M product called “My Passport Ultra”. JD leveraged big data analysis and found that there was demand for a high-end hard disk, and innovatively connected this idea with its Plus membership as the target audience, as well as designed the product in a popular gold color, which has been exclusively sold on JD. To date, the series has 2.49 million customer reviews among which 98% are positive. Some of the popular comments are: read quickly; small and cute; stable operation; high-quality; and simple and fashionable.

Tao Ren, General Manager of JD Computers and Digital Products said, ”We will continue our strategic cooperation with Western Digital in sales, marketing and supply chain, bringing world-leading high-quality products to Chinese customers. We hope to hit new sales records during 618.”

Jerry Kagele, Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing at Western Digital said, “As the e-commerce industry rapidly transforms, China continues to be more important than ever. China’s e-commerce industry serves as a key pillar for our global strategy to deliver the most innovative, technologically advanced products and service. I look forward to a new historical record on JD platforms during 618 shopping festival. ”

Stefan Mandl, Vice President of Sales, China & APAC region at Western Digital added, “We always value the seamless collaboration with our leading e-commerce partner JD. Their industry innovation paired with our world-class products has proven to be a winning combination. We expect to realize another e-commerce breakthrough in next phase. ”

Going forward, both companies also cooperate in omnichannel strategy, helping small and medium sized merchants expand their offline sales. During the epidemic, hard disk merchants also suffered from insufficient inventory given that most merchants didn’t have enough on hand. JD’s retail and supply chain capability have helped them solve this problem.

During January’s CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, JD was named Western Digital’s “Worldwide Most Valuable Partner” for 2019.

(The banner photo is taken at an award ceremony at CES 2020. Pictured are (from left to right) Tao Ren, General Manager of JD Computers and Digital Products, JD.com; Jerry Kagele, SVP, Global Sales & Marketing, Western Digital)