May 26, 2020| to Host 300,000+ Livestreams during 618 Grand Promotion


by Yuchuan Wang

During’s 618 press conference held on May 25th, the e-commerce giant announced that the company will host over 300,000 key livestreams during this year’s June 18 Anniversary Grand Promotion. Apart from using its own livestreaming platform JD Live, it will also work with partners including Kuaishou (快手), Douyin (抖音), Wesee (微视), Bilibili, Huya (虎牙), Douyu (斗鱼) and others.

As the first national shopping festival in the post-epidemic era, JD will partner with singers and bands to bring concerts online. In addition, over 100 celebrities will join JD Live to offer benefits to consumers.

Moreover, JD will invite top executives from brands such as Huawei, Honor and Haier to interact with consumers directly, offering big discounts. JD’s executives and sales managers will also join JD Live. On May 22nd, Lei Xu, CEO of JD Retail hosted a live broadcast for the pre-sale of Zhongjun Yunjingtai (Cloudview Terrace), a residential compound in Beijing.

JD Live will invite more than 100 civil servants, such as mayors, county heads, and directors of commerce to act as livestreaming anchors to promote local agricultural products to help farmers and industries affected by COVID-19.

Through livestreaming, JD will not only bring customers an immersive shopping experience just like offline, but also provide brands with more opportunities and exposure, help them seize the opportunity in the post-epidemic event.