May 18, 2023| Unveils Kazakhstan National Pavilion, with Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in Attendance


by Vivian Yang

On May 18th, held the opening ceremony of the Kazakhstan National Pavilion in Xi’an. President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan attended the ceremony, making it the first JD National Pavilion launched in the presence of the head of state. It also represented Kazakhstan’s first venture into establishing a National Pavilion on a Chinese e-commerce platform.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan (middle) attended the opening ceremony of the National Pavilion of Kazakhstan on 

The newly launched National Pavilion features more than 20 specialty products that encapsulate the essence of Kazakhstan. Visitors to the Pavilion can explore and purchase an array of products from popular brands such as BAYANSULU’s imported candies and chocolates, Piala’s black tea, along with nutritious products like camel milk powder, safflower seed oil, and more.  This Pavilion represents a trustworthy and accessible platform for’s nearly 600 million JD users to experience the authentic, rich flavors of Kazakhstan.

JD’s vice president Wei Ye said at the opening ceremony that as China’s economy continues to grow and evolve, consumer demands for imported products are becoming more diverse and quality oriented. Through official authorization and support from institutions such as embassies, government organizations, and authoritative associations, is committed to employing its resourcefulness and supply chain capabilities to bolster the development of the national pavilion program. In concert with partners, the aim is to amplify the visibility and market opportunities for superior overseas products and brands within China.

Kazakhstan, the most populous and expansive country among the five Central Asian nations, is also the world’s largest landlocked country. It counts China as its largest export destination and second-largest trading partner. The establishment of the National Pavilion has benefitted from the robust support of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in China and the China General Technology Group, whose subsidiaries are orchestrating product imports and managing the national pavilion’s online operations.

Today, is proud to host 50 country-specific pavilions, making it the largest and most comprehensive country-themed import product retail program among all Chinese e-commerce platforms. This unique initiative offers an extensive range of product categories, from food and beverages — including fresh produce, wines, and spirits — to fashion, beauty, maternity and baby supplies, household items, and more. Each pavilion is dedicated to showcasing iconic, genuine, and specialty products, sourced directly from their countries of origin. Further enriching the consumer experience, the program also highlights cultural and tourism aspects from each participating country, fostering opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue.