Sep 21, 2023|’s Agricultural Specialties Shopping Festival Records Impressive Sales, Emphasizing Quality Delivery


by Vivian Yang held a grand ceremony of its Agricultural Specialties Shopping Festival on September 19th, which coincides with the 2023 China National Harvest Festival. Now in its second year,’s Agricultural Specialties Festival, which commenced on September 1st and continues for one month, has witnessed soaring sales across diverse agricultural products.

For example, a staggering 668 tons of crabs, sourced from 12 distinct lake regions, found eager buyers. Highlighting the efficiency of JD’s supply chain and logistics infrastructure, crabs from Suqian, Jiangsu, traveled over 2,000 kilometers, reaching a customer in Kunming, Yunnan, within just 23 hours. Furthermore, over 50,000 shoppers ordered more than 400,000 Laiyang pears from Shandong. In a single day, sales exceeded 5,800 matsutakes from Tibet, and, to date, over five tons of Yunnan macadamia nuts have been sold.’s “10 billion yuan subsidy” initiative boosts the sales of superior agricultural products at competitive prices. This endeavor features sought-after products, including Laiyang pears from Shandong, Hui Li pomegranates from Sichuan, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, and Sunite mutton, resulting in collaborative ventures with over 2,000 industrial belts. This guarantees consumers direct access to the finest agricultural products, much to the satisfaction of farmers who’ve observed rising sales.

Pioneering a novel ‘direct-from-source’ delivery model,, backed by its cutting-edge digitized supply chain, eliminates middlemen, ensuring high-quality agricultural goods journey directly from farm to table. JD Retail’s stringent quality assurance and batch inspections underline the company’s commitment to product excellence.

A dedicated sea cucumber cultivation and supply base for JD Retail

In collaboration with JD Logistics, JD Retail offers an assurance: compensation for any compromised produce, ensuring a comprehensive, trustworthy post-sales experience during the festival.

At the launch, Xin Lijun, the CEO of JD Retail, highlighted JD’s decade-long dedication to refining its digital supply chain, optimizing production, endorsing esteemed brands, and advancing industrial digitalization. This holistic approach has rejuvenated modern agriculture, presenting superior agricultural goods to broad markets, thereby amplifying their intrinsic value. JD’s expansive supply chain fosters consumption equity between urban and rural markets, ensuring that even the most isolated regions enjoy premium products, fair prices, and unmatched services. Additionally, JD’s infrastructural strides have sparked quality job opportunities in rural areas, cultivating local talent through strategic industrial partnerships, entrepreneurial guidance, and skill-based training.

In recent years, has established a number of “Benfu villages” (or “March to Rich villages”) nationwide, supporting millions of farmers to increase their income by leveraging local agricultural specialties. This June, surpassed its ambitious three-year goal, generating over one trillion yuan in rural output, well before the anticipated timeline.