Nov 12, 2023|’s Announces Highlights of Its Record-Breaking 2023 Singles Day Grand Promotion

Share: reported a record-breaking Singles Day Grand Promotion on November 12, 2023, with transaction volume, order volume, and user engagement reaching all-time highs.

This year’s event not only demonstrated’s commitment to offering unbeatable prices and a diverse range of high-quality products, but also showcased the resilience and growth of China’s consumption market, delivering an unmatched shopping experience to millions.

Among the highlight of this year’s promotion was the“JD Procurement and Sales Manager Livestreaming” initiative, which captivated over 380 million viewers across China. Transaction volume for over 60 brands surpassed RMB 1 billion, and nearly 20,000 brands witnessed a threefold increase in transaction volume compared to the previous year. Additionally, new merchants on the platform experienced a fivefold increase in order volume, underscoring the event’s significant impact on brand growth and consumer reach.

Key sales data points from this record-setting event include:

  • Transaction volume of Apple products surpassed RMB 10 billion
  • Transaction volume of folding screen mobile phones increased more than 300% year-over-year (yoy)
  • Transaction volume of AR glasses increased fourfold yoy
  • Trade-in service orders for electronics increased nearly fourfold yoy, with transaction volume of extended guarantee and screen breakage insurance increasing 100%
  • More than 2,000 home appliance and home product brands’ transaction volume increased 100%+ yoy. Transaction volume of 10+ brands, including Midea, Haier, Gree, Hisense, and Xiaomi, reached RMB 1 billion.
  • Transaction volume of both men’s and women’s down jackets increased more than 100% yoy.
  • Gold and watches saw transaction volume increase over 130% yoy.
  • Transaction volume of Dior, Tiffany, and Bottega Veneta products increased over fourfold yoy, and Valentino increased over sixfold .
  • Transaction volume of Lululemon products increased 260% yoy.
  • New energy vehicles and accessories saw user numbers increase more than 300% yoy.
  • Over 350 cross-border imported product categories from JD Worldwide saw transaction volume increase by 100% yoy. Buyer’s shops’ transactions increased 300%, while national pavilions saw a 250% increase in transaction volume.
  • JD’s omnichannel retail brand in Europe, ochama, saw order volume increase 362% yoy.