Feb 10, 2021|

JD Continues One-Hour Delivery Service during CNY Holiday


by Vivian Yang

JD.com is gearing up for the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday with constant omnichannel shopping and one-hour delivery service. The company made the announcement on Feb. 9, two days before the seven-day national holiday.

The service, known as “JD Citywide Shopping (京东全城购)”, is JD’s omnichannel fulfillment supply chain program to integrate multiple offline channels, including chain supermarkets like Walmart, enabling them to deliver orders originating from JD directly and improving the supply chain efficiency of the offline retailers.

Products available via JD Citywide Shopping on JD’s app

Leveraging the local on-demand delivery network of Dada Group, customers’ orders on JD will be dispatched from nearby participating stores and delivered to customers within 1 hour, with some products available for delivery within 15 mins.

“The service will be especially helpful for customers who feel ill and need medicine immediately or who run out of daily necessities during the holiday such as facemasks and disinfectant,” said a spokesperson of the program.

More than 20,000 chain supermarkets across China have now participated in the program, making a myriad of products available for consumers to order online, ranging from fresh groceries, home appliances, consumer electronics, to healthcare and personal care products. The one-hour delivery service is standardized throughout the year, with no exception on the eve of the Chinese New Year, when almost all Chinese are enjoying their traditional and indispensable family reunion dinner.