Feb 10, 2021|

JD Delivers Mom’s CNY Gift from the Mainland to Her son in Taiwan


by Ling Cao

There’s a Chinese tradition to wear red-colored underwear to welcome the new year, especially during one’s own “zodiac year” for extra luck. (The Chinese lunar calendar includes a cycle of twelve years, with each year represented by an animal.) One young man, Xin Wang, who is studying at a university in Taiwan, unexpectedly received Year of the Ox-themed red underwear purchased by his mom on JD just ahead of Chinese New Year (CNY).

Due to the distance, Wang’s mom was very anxious that her son may not be able to receive the gift.  Fortunately, she found that JD could deliver to Taiwan and Hong Kong. After she found the perfect gift, the parcel traveled all the way from mainland China to Wang’s doorstep in Taiwan in seven working days. JD is responsible for the warehousing and delivery in mainland China, and works with a logistics provider for last mile delivery in Taiwan.

This is also a first holiday delivery received by Wang. Although he doesn’t subscribe to old traditions, he felt a sense of warmth from his mom, he said.

Jing Zhang, who works at JD’s customer service department shared, “Because the delivery was done by our partner, the tracking information didn’t update that fast on JD app. Wang’s mom called me to check the logistics details every day until her son finally received the parcel. I can feel how much she cares about her son.”

Jing Zhang

This is just one example of how JD can help customers when they are in need. A teenager, 14-year old Xue who was raised by his mom alone, bought a birthday cake for his mom recently with the help of JD’s customer service team.

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, Xue’s mom will stay in the city where she works, Beijing, during Chinese New Year. Xue will stay in their hometown of Mianyang, Sichuan province for schooling. This is the second year in which they will be apart during CNY.

Xue’s mom is a food delivery courier, and Xue worried that she wouldn’t have time to celebrate her birthday. One night in late December, 2020, Xue contacted JD for help. Xue said, “I only have RMB 130 yuan, but I was wondering if I can buy a birthday cake for my mom, as tomorrow is her birthday.”

Linyu Fan, who works at JD’s customer service center picked up the call, and carefully suggested several cakes which could be delivered the next day. Xue chose a cake with peach flavor, which is his mom’s favorite flavor.

Linyu Fan

Fan’s help brought a happy ending. The next day night, Fan received a short video from Xue showing his mom happily enjoying the cake and blowing out candles.

JD always holds the customer first as a business priority. During CNY, JD will continue to operate, providing integrated services covering sales, customer service and logistics down to the last mile.