Sep 23, 2020|

JD Delivery Station Reports Monthly Earnings of RMB 10 Million Yuan


by Yuchuan Wang

JD’s Xinyun express delivery station in Puyuan town in Tongxiang city, of Eastern China’s Zhejiang province, has over 50 couriers and services more than 1,500 local sweater manufacturers to supply over 20,000 apparel shops nationwide, earning an amazing monthly revenue of more than RMB 10 million yuan.

Puyuan is China’s largest sweater manufacturing base and distribution center, with a trade volume accounting for over 60% of the country’s total volume.

To handle the high volume of orders, Ou Wang, JD’s Puyuan station head, established a special team. The team provides customized doorstep order collection service, according to clients’ different demands. During peak sales periods like 618 Grand Promotion and Singles’ Day Shopping Festival when merchants are overwhelmed by an explosion in orders, the team helps clients with packaging until midnight.

Ou Wang, head of JD Xinyun express delivery station in Puyuan town, Tongxiang city, Zhejiang province

“We have always adhered to our core value of ‘customer first’,” said Wang. Now, JD’s express delivery service has built a strong reputation in Puyuan through word-of-mouth, with clients posting positive feedback and sending virtual gifts and tips to local JD couriers through JD’s app or mini program. JD launched the function in 2017 so that customers could express their appreciation of JD couriers.

As Singles’ Day approaches, Wang says his station is already working closely with manufacturers to ensure smooth delivery for what are expected to be record-breaking sales of Puyuan sweaters during the largest annual shopping festival.