Apr 13, 2020|

JD Data: Explosive Increase of Large Items Delivered in Wuhan after Lockdown Lifts


by Martin Li

JD data indicates an explosive increase in the number of large items delivered by JD Logistics in Wuhan, Hubei province, after the lockdown lifted. Figures show an increase of over 900 percent in the first week of April, compared with the same period in March.

The most popular bulky items delivered were furniture, home appliances and fitness equipment. Air conditioners, refrigerators and gas water-heaters experienced the most significant increase in demand.

JD data indicates that before the lifting of Wuhan’s lockdown on April 8th, local residents bought products including refrigerators, treadmills, microwaves and television sets. After the lifting of the lockdown, local demand for goods like air conditioners and gas water-heaters rose quickly. These items require installation in addition to home delivery and are more challenging than smaller-ticket goods.

Additionally, large items like office tables, file cabinets and water dispensers have been experiencing a growth in demand as more enterprises resume operations in Wuhan.

A critically important e-commerce logistics center in Wuhan, JD’s large merchandise operation center in Dongxihu District, has seen an increase in the number of vehicles which transport goods into the city from around the country.

The logistics center was still operating during the lockdown, helping many renowned brands transport goods to Hubei, ensuring supply to local residents.