Oct 12, 2020|

JD Data: Hubei Resorts Favored By Holiday Makers


by Martin Li

Resorts in Hubei province were favored by tourists during the eight-day National Day holiday in China, which ended on Oct. 8th, according to data from JD’s cultural and tourism business department.

Among the most popular cities in the province were Wuhan, Yichang and Xiangyang. The largest sources of tourists include Guangzhou, Beijing, Nanning and Haikou.

Hubei is home to almost 400 top-rated State cenic spots in China. Hubei Provincial Museum, the venue of the 10th China (Wuhan) International Garden Expo, and Wuhan Botanical Garden were the three most popular ones during the holiday.

Thirty key scenic spots in Hubei received more than 210,000 tourists as of 2:00 pm on October 1, bringing in total income of RMB 20.32 million yuan, back to 82.5% of the amount during the same period last year.

Discounts offered by quality hotels through e-commerce platforms including JD also contributed to the recovery.

Hotels which offered online packages with favorable prices were much sought-after by tourists, according to JD data.

In China, there were 14,941 flights on October 1st, transporting 1.67 million travelers, leveling with October 1st last year. October 1st saw 97 million tourists across the country, generating income of RMB 76.65 billion yuan, according to official statistics.

Besides the tourism market, the film industry in China also saw a robust recovery during the long holiday.

The first three days of the holiday saw box office sales exceed RMB 2 billion yuan. Total box office sales in China this year to date exceeded RMB 10 billion yuan by 1:00 pm on Oct. 3rd thanks to more than 270 million movie goers.

E-commerce platforms including JD have been taking active measures to make it easy and carefree for people to buy movie tickets, including a real-name purchase system completed within three days, as well as various discounts.