Oct 10, 2020|

JD Drives the Upgrade of Pet Economy in China


by Vivian Yang

JD Super, the online supermarket of JD.com, kicked off its Pet Life Promotion Week starting on Oct 10th with a series of pet products and services on sale, including the popular JD Brand Super Days.

“The pet economy has become a prominent emerging consumption trend in China,” said Lizhen Liu, general manager of the consumption department of JD Retail. “JD Super is China’s leading supermarket both online and offline. We can provide strong support on big data and consumption insights to pet brands and help them reach the right customers, and also bring customers good quality pet products and services.”

According to a Nielsen report on pet food trends in 2020, sales of pet food on JD Super increased sharply from January to July this year, far exceeding the average growth rate of other B2C platforms. Within this period, sales of the popular Chinese pet brand Wanpy rose 15 times. Other popular brands such as Natural Balance, GO! Care, Ramical, Orijen, Solid Gold, and MyFoodie all achieved 200% to 500% growth.

JD Super has also stepped up efforts on channel building and brand cooperation in the pet category. During this year’s Pet Fair Asia, JD Super inked a number of agreements with pet brands including Mars, Royal Carnin, MyFoodie, Navarch, Nature Bridge, Frontline and Pure&Natural, with the goal of supporting 100 brands to achieve over RMB 100 million yuan of transaction volume in the next 3 years.

On the offline side, JD Super is enriching its omnichannel services for pet owners, joining hands with New Ruipeng Pet Healthcare Group to offer convenient pet products and services under JD’s “One-Hour Delivery Circle” program. The services will be available in 100 Chinese cities, including delivering pet food, pet prescription drugs, pet deworming, pet vaccination, pet beauty and more.

“With the expansion of omnichannel development and partnerships, JD Super will play an important role in driving the upgrade of China’s pet industry, and help form a healthy business ecosystem,” said Liu.