Jan 15, 2021|

JD Delivers Teaching Materials to Kids in Shijiazhuang


by Ling Cao

JD has delivered over 2,000 teaching materials to 650 kids in Shijiazhuang from Jan. 11 to 13, an area that is now under quarantine because of COVID-19.

The request came from one education institution, which planned to hold online classes and faced the challenge of delivering materials in time.

Ziyuan Zheng

JD’s courier Ziyuan Zheng picked up the call from the institution, and then quickly coordinated the packaging and disinfection of the materials before directly delivering to those kids.

Zheng shared that these materials were spread across three office buildings in Shijiazhuang, which staff from the institution were unable to access onsite. He organized video calls with them and helped select and package the materials remotely.

Zheng said, “I was encouraging others for their anti-epidemic efforts over the last year, and now I am joining them this year, which is unexpected. I felt a sense of pride to make a contribution to my hometown.”

In addition to the teaching materials, orders of daily necessities and disinfection materials increased multiple times in Shijiazhuang, with JD couriers including Zheng working on the frontline to ensure these materials will reach customers safely and smoothly.