Jan 15, 2021|

Photo Gallery: This Week at JD (January 9 – January 15)


JD couriers Zhou Yan (left) and Wu Yachan (right)

Chinese National TV reported that while many enterprises have suspended production in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, the current epicenter of COVID-19, delivery and express industry remain operational, ensuring people’s livelihoods. Zhou Yan and Wu Yachan are JD couriers in Shijiazhuang, who remained at their posts delivering daily necessities to customers since the spike in COVID-19 cases. Read their stories here: Zhou Yan, Wu Yachan.


On Jan. 10, JD helped National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration deliver 3,000 tents to Shijiazhuang. JD will deliver more tents to other places in Hebei, such as Dingzhou, Xinji and Xingtai.


On Jan. 9, Xu Qin, governor of Hebei province, went to one of JD’s delivery station in Shijiazhuang. He stressed that couriers should disinfect all the goods and protect themselves, so that to provide safe and fast delivery services for all the families. JD has prepared sufficient masks, disinfectant and other protective materials, as well as food to secure the safety of frontline workers in Shijiazhuang. All of the JD couriers in the city have been nucleic acid tested twice to ensure safe delivery to communities.