Nov 2, 2020|

JD Delivers to Customer in Most Northern Part of China in 6 Minutes


by Yuchuan Wang

By 1:29 pm on November 1st, the number of items purchased on the day and having already left JD’s warehouses for delivery surpassed that of the entire day of November 1st during last year’s promotion. Ms. Rong from Mohe county in Heilongjiang province, the most northern part of China, received her lipstick in six minutes after she placed the order on

Consumers in nearly 200 cities in 32 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions are able to experience the same “delivery in minutes” service as Ms. Rong was on JD this Singles Day. JD’s inventory planning strategy for pre-sale products ensures this ultra-fast delivery experience by stocking goods including beauty, small home appliances and electronics near residential areas. Once a customer completes the full payment for pre-sale products, JD’s couriers will deliver the prepared stock to customers as soon as possible.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of launching its same-and-next-day delivery service. Operating over 750 warehouses nationwide with a total area of approximately 18 million square meters, JD is able to deliver 90% of its first party orders in 24 hours.