May 13, 2021|

JD Discusses Retail and Logistics Innovation with International Executives


by Guo Ji participated in an online discussion on retail and logistics innovation in China on May 11. The session, entitled “ The Future of Retail” was hosted by China Experience, which organizes and facilitates executive learnings and business deep dives for international executives to learn more about what’s happening in China. This was part of their on-going Stay Curious series focusing on tech and innovation in China.

Line Heidenheim Juul, head of China Experience’s Shanghai office opened the discussion with an overview of Chinese company ecosystems in the tech space. She emphasized the importance of user centricity in the competitive Chinese market. “Those who have survived and thrived like have managed to become truly user-centric and develop products around the user.”

Peter Lisbygd, founder of China Experience, said: “Retail is the backbone of a lot of what’s happening in tech in China.” He noted the importance of keeping up with the trends, whether in omnichannel, automation or other areas. participated in an online discussion on retail and logistics innovation in China

Ella Kidron, the representative from, further elaborated on JD’s approach to put the customer first, regardless of whether it is referring to everyday shoppers, enterprise customers or government clients. “JD got its start as a traditional offline retailer, and has since expanded into a technology-driven omnichannel powerhouse,” she explained. “It is also opening up its capabilities to partners well beyond the JD ecosystem.” Following the JD session, Niels Christian Flintholm of Leaf Digital shared practical advice on how brands can get up to speed on JD and other e-commerce ecosystems.

The session was attended by over 30 executives from around the world, with the majority coming from Denmark. They were keen to learn about JD Health’s partnership with the Kingdom of Denmark to create a Danish health pavilion. Based on the feedback from the audience, there was a general acknowledgment that many of the innovations that sound like they are far in the future, such as drone delivery and Level-4 autonomous driving, have already been deployed at