May 13, 2021|

JD Upgrades Chatbot’s Functions for Merchants


by Ling Cao

JD Technology announced the upgrade of its smart customer service chabot’s functions for merchants on May 11, aiming to help them get through the 618 Grand Promotion season.

The new version includes system upgrades specifically tailored for merchants use, including a beta light version for SMEs, as well as a special plan for 618. The purpose of upgrading the system is to help merchants improve customer satisfaction by being able to handle the entire shopping process from pre-sales to after sales more effectively. This also contributes to improved ROI.

Intelligent services such as image recognition and automatic replies to logistics queries enhance the robot’s problem solving abilities.

The robot can also help merchants achieve efficient decision-making by providing insight into customers’ emotions based on its algorithm, knowledge analysis and semantic understanding.

As the first robot to apply emotional detection at scale, JD’s customer service robot has gained significant experience operating during JD’s promotions major such as 618 and Singles Day(Nov 11).The service has also been opened up to over 15,000 merchants. During the Singles Day Grand Promotion in 2020, the robot served 84.32 million queries operating for over 100,000 hours.

Dr. Xiaodong He, vice president of and the deputy managing director of JD AI Research shared, “If I had to summarize what we are doing in one sentence, we are using AI to help our client and their customer to feel closer.”