Dec 22, 2020|

JD Flower Merchant ‘Plants’ Free Flowers in Beijing Subway Stations


by Kelly Dawson

Commuters on Beijing’s subway line 14 may be lucky enough to receive complimentary red roses plucked from gift boxes planted around several stations as part of a campaign by one of JD’s flower merchants intended to inspire spontaneous gift-giving. The roses are sure to brighten commuters’ days, whether given by a shy stranger, or by a travel companion who wants to say a spur-of-the-moment ‘I love you’ with a flower.

Organized by flower vendor Flo Garden, a popular choice on, the campaign has inspired joking comments on Chinese social media like, “Perhaps if these gift boxes had been available earlier, I would be the mother of two children now.”

Featuring red roses, the gift box is one option among many in the campaign, which feature the corresponding “flower languages” of ‘sweetness’, ‘the chase’, ‘enthusiasm’, ‘joy’ and more. Commuters can also purchase a range of flowers at permanent flower vending machines in various subway stations.

Flo Garden, which is found under JD’s flowers section, also offers month-long floral subscriptions with delivery of a beautiful bouquet each Monday. The flowers are guaranteed to be fresh, thanks to JD’s advanced supply chain network and cold chain capabilities to protect against wilting. Additionally, customers can purchase a flower insurance policy on each order for peace of mind.