Dec 22, 2020|

Mengniu Fresh and Frozen Products Sell Out in 2.5 Hours during JD Livestream


by Ling Cao

Mengniu, China’s leading dairy brand’s fresh and frozen dairy products JD were sold out in just 2.5 hours during a livestream event held on Dec. 16. Papa Huang (real name is Qichao Huang), who is always among the top hosts welcomed by JD fans hosted the event. Over 680,000 viewers tuned in.

Huang started to hold livestreams on JD since the beginning of last year. Considered as professional, easygoing, careful and “customer first” approach, Huang has gradually gained a stable fan base.

Huang has worked in the catering industry for eight years. Because of this, customers trust Huang when he introduces fruits and other foods during his livestream. He also decorated his livestream room in an American country style, and hung up previous awards he’s won, giving him even more clout with customers.

Papa Huang’s livestream room

Huang coordinated with Mengniu and JD multiple times during the livestream for inventory replenishment.

Huang represents a group of livestream hosts who work with JD, recommending a healthy and high quality lifestyle to customers.