Aug 31, 2020|

JD Fresh Helps Restaurants Upgrade Sales Channel


by Ling Cao

From August 26th to August 28th, during a series of fresh and frozen food-related events, JD Fresh shared several case studies of helping offline restaurants expand online sales channels for convenient food, defined as food that is ready to heat and ready to cook. Investment in this area is quickly becoming a trend for restaurants and catering companies in the post-pandemic era.

Among the cases that Minghui Wang, operations manager at JD Fresh, shared, Xinghualou, as one of the China’s time-honored food brands, closed a portion of its offline stores during the epidemic, while its sales surged on JD’s platform. In another example, famous provider of Sichuan food, Meizhou Dongpo chain-restaurants has seen sales increase 17 times y-o-y for first half of this year. Chinese restaurant chain Xibei decided to invest more in convenient food after discussion with JD.

Based on big data, JD understands customers’ pain points and then enterprises develop products that match demand more precisely. JD shared, frozen food enterprises and restaurants should focus on four aspects when transitioning online: 1) product supply chain, 2) sales model, 3) e-commerce team and 4) logistics cooperation.

JD can help with all four aspects. For example, In July, JD invited a series of entrepreneurs to join a livestream. Liang Zhang, general manager of e-commerce at the barbecue chain Hannashan joined JD’s livestream with Xiaoyuan Zhong, head chef at Hannashan. During the livestream, they taught customers the knowhow of cooking delicious meat, driving up their sales of convenient barbecue meat products.

As Chinese customers have more disposable income, as well as the fast lifestyle in cities, customers have more demand for buying convenient food online. JD Fresh has helped merchants to expand their omnichannel strategy by sourcing products from places of origin, product control and logistics, ensuring high quality products will reach to customers quickly and securely. During the COVID-19 outbreak period, JD also launched a “catering retail alliance”  to help catering merchants expand their online businesses.