Aug 31, 2020|

Dr. Chen Yong Joins JD Health to Lead its Hepatology Center


by Vivian Yang

On August 27th, JD Health welcomed Dr. Chen Yong,another famous expert of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as the leader of its hepatology center. Dr. Chen, aged 83, is the academic successor of China’s national veteran TCM expert Dr. Jiao Shude (1922,5-). At the same time, the studio dedicated to practicing and passing on Jiao Shude’s craft, the “Jiao Shude Inheritance Studio”, also joined JD Health’s platform.

As the direct successor of Shude and the former attending physician of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Dr. Chen, who comes from a TCM family, has been practiced TCM clinical, teaching and research for more than 50 years. He started to recite medical classics with his father Chen Dongfu from an early age and studied medical skills for difficult and complicated diseases with Dr. Jiao Shude for many years. Currently, he is the chief expert advisor to the Hepatology Department of the Ninth People’s Hospital of Nanchang, Jiangxi province, a national key specialty hospital.

Over the years, Dr. Chen has treated a range of diseases including rheumatism, hepatobiliary, respiratory, digestive, cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, and his specialty focuses on treating various rheumatism, hepatitis, cholecystitis, liver cirrhosis, hepatoascites, liver cancer and other diseases.

In 2013, the Jiao Shude Inheritance Studio was established, which brings together famous TCM doctors and high-quality medical resources in the country, and carries out innovative TCM research and practices. So far it has authoritative diagnosis and treatment abilities for 14 types of diseases and 6 advanced medical departments.

After joining JD Health, the Jiao Shude Inheritance Studio team will be able to provide high-quality medical services through online consultation to more patients, especially those from the lower-tier cities who are in need of more professional medical support on complicated diseases.