Sep 7, 2020|

JD Fresh to Sell 200,000 Tons of Aquatic Products


by Ling Cao

JD Fresh announced that it would sell 200,000 tons of domestic aquatic products in one year. The plan was announced at a fishing season launch event in Hainan province on September 4th. The event aims to help local fishermen sell their products following challenges brought by the pandemic. JD Fresh also launched a “seafood safety alliance” with government regulation body, aquatic products industry institutions and leading enterprises.

Xiaofei Li, head of aquatic products at JD Fresh said, “The industry has been affected by the epidemic, impacting local fishermen. To address their pain points, JD Fresh decided to leverage its integrated resources to help sell 200,000 tons of aquatic products from all over China, simultaneously providing customers with safe and reliable food.”

According to Li, leveraging JD’s capabilities in R&D of innovative products, e-commerce operation training and marketing resources, JD Fresh has already helped many products from popular aquatic origins such as Hainan, Fujian and Guangdong provinces.

One of Hainan’s leading aquatic products enterprises Xiangtai benefitted from JD’s big data analysis to improve its sales. By matching its JD Fresh customer profile with Xiangtai’s products, JD Fresh and Xiangtai jointly launched ready-to-cook food like boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chili and fish filets in hot chili oil. Even during the COVID-19 period, Xiangtai’s line of tilapia has doubled its sales.

JD Fresh also launched a “seafood safety alliance

The “seafood safety alliance” will undergo a series of actions to ensure product quality. In addition to providing nucleic acid tests for the aquatic products, the alliance has launched 32 aquatic products standards, providing the first comprehensive quality control standard in industry. The entire process from manufacturing, production and circulation is covered under the standard.

He Cui, a representative from the China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance said, “The series of methods pioneered by JD will not only create a trustworthy consumption environment, but also can rebuild customers’ faith in purchasing aquatic products, helping deliver an optimistic message in the industry.”

JD is also expanding its logistics network to guarantee efficiency. JD has added air transportation frequency and improved the turnover rate. The company has also added cold chain transportation lines in Guangdong, narrowing the transfer process. JD leverages integrated transportation resources, and cold chain logistics for the whole process, as well as shipping from the place of origin directly, enabling customers in nearly 100 core cities to receive the fresh produce in as fast as 24 hours. Customers in Guangzhou and surrounding cities can even receive orders by the next morning. JD Logistics also designed special packaging and arranged priority delivery methods for the products, upgrading the last mile delivery experience.

Lixian He, general manager of Hainan region for JD Logistics said, “JD Logistics will continuously expand the fulfillment network for local specialties, leveraging its integrated supply chain, logistics and technology abilities to guarantee people’s livelihoods and promote fulfillment efficiency.”